Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i like to be with me when im with you

i love drew holcomb and the neighbors.  if you haven't listened to them go now.  download all of their stuff on itunes and thank me later.  they're great.  and their concert is even better. of my favorite songs of theirs is "i like to be with me when im with you."  here's some of the lyrics...

"with you i can be myself, with you i dont have to be somebody else, its like puttin on my favorite pair of shoes, i like to be with me when im with you."

those lyrics remind me of how blessed i am that i can sing this in my marriage.  that was a little cheesy.  i take it back.  but really.

i am myself with jonathan.  i am overanxious way too often, i cry too easy, i have the strangest sense of humor, i freak out about being 2 minutes late, i dance obnoxiously in the kitchen, and i make jokes before we go to sleep that makes jonathan look at me like "really, you just said that?"  and i love it.  i love being married to someone who sees every part of who i am...freakshow and all.  and i like to be with me, when im with him.

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